Literacy opens doors and opens minds. It is the most basic skill required for success in our complex world. Yet, for many children who live in Harlem, the door to reading, writing, listening, and speaking remains shut. A contribution from you will enable the children we serve to change their life trajectories and will make the world a better place for us all.

Individual Supporters

Audrey Amdursky and Joseph Kartiganer


Margaret Bearn

Elizabeth and Alexander Bernstein

Deborah and Jim Breznay

Linh Bui and Keiko Kamachi

Christina and Andrew Casperson

Kathy Chazen and Larry Miller

Kathleen and Neil Chrisman

Mary Cooney

Alice Davenport

Steven Davies

Maureen Donovan

Jason and Maria Drattell

Marvin Ellin

Howard Ellin

Sarah and Gordon Faux

Richard Faux

Sophie and Andrew Ferrer

Diane and Fin Fogg

Jane and Paul Frank

Mio Fredland

Alexander Funk

Medora and John Geary

Nancy Gehman

Barbara and Peter Gill

Emily Grace

Rachi Grant

Pamela Grayson

David Halpert

David Hamamoto

Howard Hamamoto

Warren and Cleyo Hamamoto

Pamela Hamamoto

Dana Hiscock

Karen Hobson

Marten and Valerie Hoekstra

Brooke and Hunter Horgan

Lam Hui

Carole and Jim Hunt

Elliot and Roslyn Jaffe

Eileen Weiler Judell

Wilma and Howard Kaye

Laurie and Eric Kotcher

Deborah Krulewitch

Jane and Richard Levin

John Lillis and Jeff Bailey

Lisa Fox Martin

Amy Meeker

Heidi Meeker

Sarah Meeker and Kirk McKinley

Carolyn and Gene Mercy

Stephen Meringoff

Audrey and Danny Meyer

Laura Moliter

Tina Murray

Peter Nadosy

Judith Ney

Cathleen Noland

Eliabeth and Daniel Oneglia

Jess Ostroff

Jessie Palmer

Stephen Payne

Pearl and Owen Pell

Anna and Martin Rabinowitz

Margery Riker

Paula Roberts

Barbara Rosen

Maureen and Edward Rover

Beth and Donald Rowley

Debbie and Joe Rucci

Mary and Win Rutherfurd

Elizabeth and Phillip Ryan

Ruth Ryan

Kirsten Sandberg

Diane Schafer

Ilene and Harry Schall

Thomas and Kate Shattan

Zita Sheehan

Adrianne and Bill Silver

Jonathan and Cornelia Small

Robin Smith

Elizabeth Stribling

Barbara and Donald Tober

Fenton Tom

Lynn Troyka

Michael Vega

Andrew and Monica Vogelstein

Danielle and Tom Walker

Emily Walker

Joanne B. Walker

Andrew and Cecilia Weiler

Giulia and Marc Weisman

Susan and Benjamin Winter

Charles and Sandra Wolfe

Kathy Wyer

Dorothy Zeifer

Ellen Zeifer and Peter Funk

Foundation and Corporate Supporters

Alliance Bernstein Foundation Fund

Amazon Smile Foundation

American Recorder Society

Apple Hill Fund

BJ’s Charitable Foundation

Barker Welfare Foundation

Breznay Family Charitable Fund

Bsquared Media

Kathy Chazen Family Charitable Trust


Colgate-Palmolive Inner City Education Fund

Columbia Community Service

Cranshaw Corporation

John P. and Constance A. Curran Charitable Foundation

Dana Foundation

DeWitt Stern

Richard Davoud Donchian Foundation

First Book

Medora and John Geary Family Fund

Lee Gottlieb Fund

Hamamoto Family Fund

Jaffe Family Foundation

Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County

Juice Pharma Worldwide

Lincoln Fund

Shayna Loeffler Design

The Lucy Foundation

Virginia Cretella Mars Foundation

May Family Foundation

Sue and Eugene Mercy Foundation

Meringoff Family Foundation

Metzger-Price Fund

Kinder Morgan

Henry E. Niles Foundation

Nicholas B. Ottaway Foundation

Charlotte Palmer Phillips Foundation

Pinkerton Foundation

Rheinstrom Hill Community Foundation

Richman Family Foundation

Ryan Family Foundation

Schnurmacher Foundation

Shattan Family Fund

Edith Glick Shoolman Foundation for Children

Robin Smith Charitable Trust

Stairway Fund

Barbara and Donald Tober Foundation

West Harlem Development Corporation

West Side Children’s Fund


Wolverine Foundation