Reading Team Model


Our instructional model comprises a structure of mutually reinforcing activities, critical to our effectiveness. It is concentrated on literacy, attentive to the whole child, responsive to each child’s unique learning styles, and portable so that children, parents, and teachers can apply what they learn here in other environments.

The model features a unique combination of literacy building blocks whose multidimensional approach tackles all the individual, social, and environmental obstacles to literacy proficiency and academic achievement:

  • Small Reading Group Activities with our Literacy Mentors nurture each child’s literacy capabilities, along with key social skills and behaviors. Read more
  • One-on-One Instruction with a reading specialist builds academic strength, interpersonal skills, trust, and self-confidence for children who need expert instruction.
  • Technology-Based Reading Lessons enable children to develop important early literacy skills and concepts as they become competent users of a critical learning tool. The computer-based Waterford Early Reading Program helps them to surmount the many of the
    barriers to successful literacy development.
  • Creative Dramatics Activities engage each child’s imagination and sense of fun.
  • Mindfulness Meditation gives our after-school children a way to calm themselves when unsettled, so that they can conquer behavioral blocks to success in school and in life. Read more
  • Parent Support Programs include an Elementary School Advisory Program to advise and support parents as they make important decisions about their children’s school; and a series of Parent Conversations that arm parents with strategies to help their children succeed.
  • Preschool Teacher Training enables the teachers of the children in our Preschool Program—day care and Head Start teachers—to develop the skills to support the children’s emergent literacy and ensures that they have the resources necessary for a strong classroom instructional program.
  • Staff Professional Development ensures all Reading Team instructors are versed in the best literacy teaching methods and apply optimal learning strategies for the children they serve. Read more
  • Book Distribution Program enables Reading Team children to choose books and educational materials to keep, so that they can build home libraries of their favorite books and engage in other educational activities outside of school. Read more