Mindfulness Meditation

PS_36_3.jpgSome children in our After-School Program exhibit behavior problems in school and at home. The difficulty they have in controlling their behavior hampers their ability to learn. To enable them to calm themselves when they are unsettled and to improve their focus and attention, we have initiated a program of Mindfulness exercises.

Available to all our after-school children, Mindfulness exercises have been remarkably effective at the Reading Team. Cognitive abilities alone are not as powerful as a group of cognitive and social skills — attentiveness, impulse control, perseverance — for supporting educational and life success. The Reading Team’s Mindfulness exercises address these essential factors of character and personality that too often are overlooked in the learning process.

Recently, a young child asked a Reading Team staff member if her reading group could do more Mindfulness exercises. When asked why she wanted this, she replied, "Because my family is crazy, and the only peace and quiet I get is through Mindfulness." This demonstrates the effectiveness of the Reading Team’s Mindfulness exercises delivered in our uncommon educational setting where all staff exude a particular calmness, empathy, and patience, and model self-awareness, self-respect, and acceptable social behavior.