The Reading Team helps young children at high risk of reading failure to be strong readers and writers. We do this by engaging them in a wide range of literacy-nurturing lessons and activities so they can succeed in school and in life.


NEW YORK CITY – Reading Team founder Maureen Rover has won the World of Children Education Award for 2017. The Award will be applied toward the continuing enrichment and expansion of the organization’s early literacy programs in Harlem.

Maureen Rover, Founder, Wins World of Children Education Award

After a rigorous vetting process, Maureen was chosen from thousands of international applicants for her, “Extraordinary contributions to the education of children, providing them the platform from which to become fully productive members of society," according to World of Children Board of Governors. "Maureen," said the board, “is boosting elementary school literacy rates by instilling a lifelong love and enthusiasm for reading in children from New York’s disadvantaged communities."

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Preparing Children for Success

Literacy goes beyond reading. Our students develop skills, habits, and behaviors that will support their success in school and in life.

At our two program sites in Central and West Harlem, we engage over 800 children in a wide range of literacy-nurturing lessons and activities. Our younger students enjoy storybook reading as well as letter and word games. Our older students delve into creative and expository writing, close reading of increasingly complex material, and the practice of outlining and note-taking study skills.

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