Why We Exist…

Our vision

Our overarching goal is to enable children to overcome the obstacles to literacy excellence and to master the critical-thinking, problem-solving, communications, and behavioral skills that will allow them to reach their full potential in school, in college, and in a future career. We accomplish this by attending to the literacy development of children with focused instruction and nurturing attention that foster academic skills and behaviors so they can succeed in school and in life.

How we do it

The hallmark The hallmark of our programs is early intervention, before a lack of successin school dampens the children’s inherent enthusiasm for learning. Studies show that children who enter school ready to read will almost certainly learn to read, while those who do not are likely to struggle with reading for years to come. The difference is one of opportunity – of giving children a positive and successful introduction to reading instruction and to see themselves as learners.


Meaning of literacy success for children

  • Self-efficacy by recognizing themselves as readers and learners, able to solvechallenges, manage others’ expectations, and compete equally with their peers.

  • More likely to stay in school and to attend college.

  • Less apt to commit crimes, receive welfare, have babies out of wedlock.

  • More likely to own homes, be employed, and pay higher taxes.

  • Chance to develop culturally, emotionally, and socially.

Success factors

  •  After-School Program provides 540 hours a year of nurturing literacy instruction and activities — that’s over 3,000 hours from Grades K-5.

  • Children master key building blocks of literacy success, reading, and writing.

  • Grades K-2 participate in the innovative Waterford Early Reading Program.

  • Our Literacy Mentors are experienced teachers and graduate students of education whom we train to implement our successful instructional model.