The Reading Team manages for results. We apply comprehensive achievement metrics to track each child’s progress, to strengthen programs and staff, and to enhance budgeting and funding processes.

Our children’s steady significant gains in reading proficiency confirm the transformative power of our model.


Extraordinary Test Results


If there’s one metric that speaks loudest about the success of our program, it’s the pass rate of the New York State English Language Arts Exam (NYS ELA).

The NYS ELA is a test given annually to public school students in Grades 3-8 statewide. It assesses how well they have mastered important skills in reading, writing, and listening based on the Common Core Learning Standards. We have enhanced instructional programming, especially for our children in Grades 2-5, to ensure they can keep pace with the demands of the standards and their long-range focus on college and career readiness.

In a neighborhood in which only about 15% of students pass the NYS ELA exam and about 40% pass this exam city and state-wide, 81%* of Reading Team students in grades 3-5 passed the NYS ELA exam in 2017.

*Results from The Reading Team's Main Site located at 2090 Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd.


2017 New York State English Language Arts Exam

Grades 3-5 Pass Rate